Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to make $3000 FAST!

I just had one of those "Why didn't I think of this?!" moments, like I so often do. I'm sure you're all familiar with Groupon, the deal-of-the-day website, that sometimes offers sweet deals, like discount plastic surgery (because I clearly want to go to a surgeon who performs for half-off on Tuesdays), but sometimes offers wtf mind-boggling deals, like $3 hand drawn cats (marked down from $10!). Not only did this guy actually sell these awesome cat drawings pictured above, but he SOLD OUT of them. In the last few days he sold 1,000 CAT DRAWINGS. Who buys these things? Really?! At least he looks like an cool dude who really knows how to work it:

It makes me wonder what I could sell for a quick profit. Personally chewed on pen caps?  Doodles in my legal pad? Half used stick of deodorant? People will buy anything if it's on sale. Hell, we're willing to trample each other to death if it's a "to die for" Black Friday Sale, for example.  

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